At Star Painting, we are understanding that our clients have a variety of needs which is why we strive to make sure that we are able to install any type of accessible bath. We are a registered CleanCut Bath installer, so whatever your need is, we'll be there to help. 

Tub Options


Step in shower. Convert from bath to shower for accessibility and ease.

  • Transforms bath into shower
  • Comes in Beige and White
  • Affordable!

Ultra Low

Ultra low, CleanCut installed, step in tub converted from shower.

  • Easily step in
  • Comes in Beige and White
  • Ideal for all tubs!


Bathtub with a door, this can be either shower or tub.

  • Take a bath or shower!
  • Left or Right hinge
  • Easy bathing solution!


Convertible tub, changes from shower to tub in seconds. Versatile tub options. Accessible for all.

  • A traditional bath or shower in seconds!
  • Removable unit locks and unlocks
  • The most versatile CleanCut product